Vacating Property Checklist

We hope you enjoyed your stay with us.  In the coming weeks, we know you will be extremely busy as you prepare to move out of your rental home.  Home Locators Property Management wants to help you retain 100% return of your security deposit.  All that is necessary is to follow this simple vacating property checklist and return the property in the same condition as it was when you moved into the home.    


Please Complete the Following Checklist Items

  Ensure the property is empty. Any remaining personal property will be considered abandoned.

  Remove all picture hooks from walls.

  Clean stove, dishwasher, microwave and all kitchen cabinets inside and out.

  Clean refrigerator inside and out, replace water filter (if fridge is equipped with one).

  Clean and sweep out closets; remove all hangers and debris.

  Clean bathrooms thoroughly: toilet, tub, sink, medicine cabinet, vanity, and wall and floor tile.

  Make sure ALL LIGHT BULBS work. Clean light fixtures, covers and ceiling fans.

  Replace ALL Air Conditioning filters

  Clean all windows; leave them locked and closed – Please place blinds in down position and closed.

  Clean all carpets.

  Empty and clean storage areas.

  Ensure driveway, garage floor and sidewalks have no stains and are clean

  Mow lawn, prune landscaping, remove weeds from beds, patios and walkways – Grass: green and healthy

  Leave premises undamaged, beyond normal wear.

  IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not attempt to touch up paint. You must repaint the entire wall or the entire room. (After time, paint finishes begin to fade and paint will not match).


  By noon of the following day after your move-out, deliver all keys including gate cards, passes, garage door remote controls and your forwarding address to our office* in person or via certified delivery service:


Home Locators Property Management

211 Crystal Grove Blvd.

Lutz, FL  33548



*IMPORTANT NOTE:  YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR RENT UNTIL ALL KEYS HAVE BEEN RECEIVED BY OUR OFFICE. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.




  * Please ensure you have accomplished all of the checklist items as required in the lease you signed  


** For Lease Agreements signed after June 1st, 2016:  In the event all of these obligations have not been met when the move-out inspection is performed, a $300 administrative fee will be imposed.  Thank you for your attention to this matter.