FAQ: Landlord Lease Questions

Answers to your Landlord lease questions. 

We continually add to our Frequently Asked Questions list so be sure to check in from time time.  If you have a question you do not see here, please submit your question in the box below and we will be glad to answer them.  The best questions will be added to this FAQ to benefit all Landlords in the Home Locators family. 


  Once the tenant moves in, how strictly do you enforce the terms of the lease agreement?                                    

                                     Our approach to managing the terms of the lease contract with the tenant…

  Do you use a lease that protects my interest and my property?                                                                                     

                                     Lease contracts aren’t all created equally.  See how ours is different…

  Can I refuse to rent my home to people with pets, smokers, etc?                                                                                  

                                     Legal compliance is a serious matter and lease restrictions are one of the most common questions we are asked…

  We want your questions!                                                                                                                                                         

                                     Ask any lease-related question by using the comment box below.

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