FAQ: Landlord Financial Questions

Answers to your Landlord financial questions. 

We continually add to our Frequently Asked Questions list so be sure to check in from time time.  If you have a question you do not see here, please submit your question in the box below and we will be glad to answer them.  The best questions will be added to this FAQ to benefit all Landlords in the Home Locators family. 


  Accounting – How do I get paid my rental income?                                                                                                           

                                     Time frames and options for receiving your rental income…

  Accounting – How do you manage my accounts and financial reporting?                                                                   

                                     Our careful portfolio management and financial reporting…

  Fees – Do you charge a property management setup fee?                                                                                              

                                     A discussion of fees fore new property management accounts…

  Fees – How much do you charge to manage my rental property?                                                                                  

                                     Our property management program fees …

  Owner Communication – How will you notify me of expenses?                                                                                    

                                     Reporting needed repairs and other expenses …

   Repairs – Why do you require reserve funds for my rental property?                                                                          

                                     The importance of maintenance reserve funds …

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